Tip or Just Forget It

I had the strangest debate yesterday day with my dad while we waited to get into the Italian restaurant to celebrate Father’s Day.¬†It went something like this: Dad: “You know there’s a lot of white people here eating. I always see them pay a fat tip like they rich. Have you ever notice that?” Me:” … Continue reading

Graduation Day

Words cannot describe to those that dedicated and¬†sacrificed their time and effort for this one day: to step in this world and to be proud to be a graduate. The blood and sweat, the tears and joy. Not just for a piece of paper. But a demonstration of integrity and a breakthrough of self. It … Continue reading

Is Respect Overrated?

It is important that parents teach their children how to be respect others as soon as possible because it will greatly affect how they grow up. Respect correlates to courtesy. A person demonstrates courtesy generally has a great character. This personality trait really shines on the person causing others to want his or her impression … Continue reading