Is Respect Overrated?

It is important that parents teach their children how to be respect others as soon as possible because it will greatly affect how they grow up. Respect correlates to courtesy. A person demonstrates courtesy generally has a great character. This personality trait really shines on the person causing others to want his or her impression and affliction. Sadly, some people are not exposed or have respect. Their end-results are disheartening.

It has been nine months and my housemates really have no respect for the apartment. It hurts me to see the place we live in gets treated like it is worthless. Garbage is never dumped out and it is stacked so high that trash falls on the floor. Even when the trash bin is not full, trash can be seen around the trash bin. The kitchen counter always filled with food stains and food scraps. I share my dishes and utensils with just one of my housemates. But he leaves the dishes in the sink for days before washing it. The worst part is he doesn’t wash it thoroughly, thus, he places dirty dishes in the dish racks. I end up re-washing it 90% of the time. I replaced the shower curtains and they somehow torn down half of the curtain. They don’t say anything or fix it. When I first saw it, I felt like an arrow struck my heart. The worst part that happened was when I found an undergarment on top of my toothbrush. I confronted the situation and the person acted like he didn’t know about it.

Figure 1. The Respect Cycle. Person A respects Person B. Person B respects Person A and cycles continues. But when Person B disregards the cycle, feedback is “Screw You!”

I am a very chilled person who opens my heart to others and very understanding of others. But sometimes when others show no remorse or respect for me, I have no respect for them in return. But then it gets me thinking, is respect overrated?

Times like this one makes me believe that some people don’t really care about respecting others as long as it does not involve criminal actions or physical pain. Or it could also be the fact that when a person has established his or her life, dismissing and/or disrespecting a friendship or acquaintance is totally fine. Thus, the person decides to do whatever he or she wants despite of how to treat another person. Growing up, I have witnessed and been treated this way. It’s nothing new to me, but I just don’t understand why people do it. Perhaps it is the freedom combined with individualism that create this “I do whatever I want and screw you” behavior among adults today (See Figure 1). But whatever the reason people decide to do, respect should always be in the back of everyone’s mind when they act.


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