Tip or Just Forget It

I had the strangest debate yesterday day with my dad while we waited to get into the Italian restaurant to celebrate Father’s Day. It went something like this:

Dad: “You know there’s a lot of white people here eating. I always see them pay a fat tip like they rich. Have you ever notice that?”

Me:” I’m not noisey so I don’t care much for it.”

Dad: “I’m just saying they pay a fat tip.”

Me: “I don’t care for it. I never pay tip. But she does [point at my girlfriend].”

Dad: laughs* “what do you mean you don’t pay tip? Why you so cheap?”

Me: “Why I gotta pay the extra cash? If it wasn’t for her, I would never consider paying tip.”

Dad: “But it’s a type of service.”

Me: “So does McDonald.”

Dad: laughs* “But they [points at restaurant servers] provide xcepservice service for you.”

Me: “So does McDonald. It’s the same thing. What makes them so special?”

Dad: “You don’t work at a restaurant before so you don’understand.”

Me: “Cuz you do. That is why. So does she.”


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